O all knowing spirit, teach us all things. You are the wind and the fire that makes "e pluribus, unum.", unity out of diversity.
You alone can make us one, and answer the best hope of the Gardener, "that they may be one."

Why would we mention phidippedes, the ancient symbol of athletic and military prowess whose legacy endures even to our times in the form of the modern marathon, when discussing the origins and purpose of the University?
--Remember also that many images of runners from this time include a torch, which made its way to the Olympic ceremonies where it remains.--Fire has been the catalyst for many evolutions in our common history.
For this we look first at the universe, from which University takes its name.
Consider for a moment the "big bang" which was perhapst the first light and sound in the universe.
This was the announcement of life, hope and joy that signalled the emergence of hte valangaverse, which according to gaia theory is evolving along with us.
None of us was around to hear the big bang, however
The evidence is left to us in close proximity in the form of a volcano, and in universality in the form of the sun, moon and heavenly bodies.
These phenomena remind us that we are all one family, and in ages past, though we were not able to communicate across the globe, similar mythologies of sun and fire worship evolved in separated communities.
Now we have taken the energy of the sun and put it in our hands with nuclear bombs, and more recently with the cell phone, billions of lit screens, the new Sun God.
But now we control this energy, we press buttons and turn it on and off.
It is not like the sun which commands and awes us..or is it? the main differnece now is, it is fragmented and not unified, each human possessing a tiny star in our hands.
We have the technological capacity to unite as never before but we are unsure how to come together. How to unite our hearts?

Let us now turn to our own experience of unity of consciousness.
The most universal event ever was the world cup which had over a billion viewers concentrated on the same event.
This is far greater than any prayer vigil, newscast, or harmonic convergence meditation.
Football truly is is as pasolini said the last sacred ritual...it has the capacity to bring us together.
How in begeebee did the thing slide into such fountains of chaos? Lor Jesus clean up hte page please, I'll trade you a couple cases o milk duds. To which jesus responded, "the milk duds on a thousand hills are mine, my child." Dear Reader, this university is SO UNBELIEVABLY COOL THAT NO ONE CAN POSSIBLY GRASP THE RAMIFICATIONS OF IT. The spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius the point of these is to find the will of God.
The Guzzi Gardens are beautiful but they do get overgrown!
This page is going to be back to basics, back to the ABCs:
Did you think that was the logical investigations of Algebra, Boolian theory and Calculus?
Or perhaps a vacation on the windswept isles of Aeole, Bimini or Cozumel?
(note: Boolian theory does contain A and V which is perfect for Valanga Angels, but Dud didn't know that until now.)
If we study our letters well, we anticipate arrival at Delightful Dreams of Divinity, Ecstasies of Elated Eucatastrophe and the Felice Fantastico Finale Fenomenale, which is Gladness and Gaudio in the Gagliardi Giardini di Giove.
The paraklete project actually began as an offshoot of Popes and marathons.
How can this be? What does it have to do with African rhythms and tom bombadil and the river? In due course, we do hope to explain.

A is for ANGEL.
The word Angel for example, means, in Greece (where the revelation of Eternity did not take place in the flesh so much as in the mind) messenger, and the word Announce is the angel's task.
In the case of the Eucharistic Escatology which the Valanga hopes to investigate, the angel sent to bring the Holy spirit into the Body of a human being was named Gabriel, (Gabuzzo, oddly, seems to have the same root) meaning, the strength of God.
We observe further that the word "gab" itself referred at times to the bragging of a troubadour, the skill that composed poems like the Odyssey and the Iliad, the skill that made Alexander the Great and charlemagne into popular folk heroes.
But to return to the As, the land masses of earth have all been named with A: America, Asia, Antarctica, Australia, Africa.
This is our planet and our common heritage but why does Africa have such catchy rhythm?
Is it the drums?
Tolkien, who spent his life studying the origins of words, and the hope connected to this, created a character called Tom Bombadil (sounds like TAMBOR, the drum).
Tom was the personification of happiness and vitality, he married the river and bounded around the forest singing seemingly silly songs, and the evil of the ring had no allure for him.
We observe that the word Gagliardo links Joy and strength together, suggesting that Joy would impart strength to a human spirit.
Incidentally, the Italian word for Joy is Gioia, which begins with a GI like the Italian word for Garden, Giardino.
These are merely the beginnings of our phenomenological investigation into sounds, letters, spirit and meaning.

continuing the phenomenological study of sound without referencing any books or studies as yet
B IS FOR BEATI, which means, blessed and happy.
We note that the English word for EXIST is Be, and the Jews were told to call God ABBA, father, (B is the first letter after A)
the father of the tribe was called ABRAM, changed to ABRAHAM which sounds like Brahma.
What is the meaning of Buddha and Brahma and Bagavad ghita?
Also the Spirit in incarnating Jesus "baptized" Maria or "begot" the body of God.
Adam, the DAMNED to DIE(d, Damia, Demonio, which originally did not have an evil connotation-- Damia meant life didn't it?)
becomes Abram the BEATO, the blessed who listened to God's voice.
Was the Satan jealous and frustrated of the spirits in dwelling in the phenomena?
But they are too enraged to dwell in the phenomena anyway.
remember when Jesus sent them into the pigs they all ran off the cliff.
BAAL and BABEL also begins with BA and is healed by the BAPTISM of the spirit on pentecost.
Furthermore, BEAT is like Beautiful and beato suggesting that BEAT or rhythm bombadil timmy tommy tambore) is connected to this discussion.
Breathe also is the way Jesus gave the spirit, he "breathed" on them.

and the D of Dreams is delicately dancing to the canzone.
Did An angel awake thee? did you catch them in conversation? Then consider:
Apparently Angels and Demons are Alien to Anthropos, because they are the Astral Beings of Cosmic creation, the children of God's Breath,
and Christ was Anointed with the Chrism Bath, causing Him to Announce the Blessed Commission
But having no body, Angels nor devils do descend into the depths of Dormire or death,
The Difference between them is like Assonance and dissonance: the angels bask in the balmy breezes of beatitude, and build a better creation, while the devils deceive, divide and destroy.
an d since we are babes at the breast of being, As Augustine would say, they dance in our dreams.
so if i doze through the dinner of divinity while delighting in dreams(in other words, if I oversleep PIo's Mass)I'm doing this discussion now.
To clean up the clutter into a catalogue of courses, and categorize the chemistry of the cascade of code comprising class creation, we use the catechims of crumbs and Canzoni.
Most people would claim a prior commitment because they Cant stand catechism, as its too complicated and crazy.
but this one is a catechism of crumbs, of canzoni.
Cuidado! consume this cascade carefully, do not contribute to the chatter of chaos, so that you can crescere and not get carsick as the curriculum construction continues.
Our canticle of calculation will conclude on this note; CONGRATULATIONS! Cheers! you contributed to the chant.

Happy holiday!
And then that Damn letter D is dancing ..death is defeated by the Dawn of the day...the Delphine song is in my head, delfine, is it from the oracle at Delfi? What did that Oracle say?
Now we have to look it up. Interesting why AMORE AND MORTE have the same root in italian..Matilda's LOVE OR DEATH debate..guess who won though, it wasn't the Leon.

But daniel could have told you that I guess.
ok this is freaky, this letter E at the delfine temple? The slaying of the serpent? never heard that story.
These coincidences just keep getting weirder by the second.
And no we are not drunk except perhaps on the vendemmia of dreams.
what do dolphins have to do with this whole thing? OH FORGET IT LOL Im laughing too hard
tears are just streaming down my cheeks
signed, Thoreau's deputado
Also forgot this from the play by play notes: Drama and Dream and Trauma and Traum all have the same root, and the highest form of Drama is supposedly tragedy so tolkien had that right, the only way through to heaven is not in the mortal mind, it is in the ANgelic realm.
Interim policy: If you are here to participate in the Skandalon Skole, as of November 2019 this is the interim policy:
It appears that phenomenology is quite complex on its own and is worth at least two trimesters and so, for 2019-20 participation in the COLLEGE OF BLU, ADD ONLY PHENOMENOLOGY TO LEON'S LIST. Thus the Final list is: GARDENS, DRUGS, HOPE, MUSIC, BS, VITALITY AND TWO UNITS OF PHENOMENOLOGY, plus The Uriel texts: Pinocchio, LOTR, and Dante (two units).
Matilda's menu is under construction and will not be ready in time for this year.

(note to engelfreundes: P is also for Pierce, see TALK TO THE HAND blog.)
P is for Power, protection and peace.
It's what we all want, without a state of police.
P Paladino, a peacekeepingforce.
which could end up like Panzram, who had no remorse.
P for professional, Leon by trade, a sword for a sword is the game that he played.
P is for Puma, who hunts in the night. And abides by the proverb of Fuerza makes right.
P for Padrino, whose Might he conceals.
He's a duke of diplomacy, master of deals.
P is for Pio, the Padre of fame, so humble his holiness made him ashamed.
P is for Pa, Pasolini the Poet.
He said, we're not perfect-- but you guys don't know it.
P is for Paco, the Paesano Pope.
When Jesus said, help me, he didn't say NOPE.
And P is for Pedro, who fished in the lake.
And Jah said, fish here, bro, and check out the take!
P for Pier Giorgio, the landslide of love.
It pours down on people from places above.
is for Paraclete. What can we say? For this non PC Power, get Pious and Pray

L is for Lot, and that's where we start.(the Lot radio did not ask us to hotlink them, we just are because LOVE.) Because Music is Medicine, good for the heart.
L is for Leon, Matilda's main man, who got whacked, and who wacked, a big phony named Stan.
L is for Lava which blows up so bright and impresses the eye like a star in the night.
L is for Lost which is easy to do. It could happen to me. It could happen to you.
L is for (insert name here, if you don't know, sorry. ) we've been through this before. Good luck trying to leave, yeah, good luck, that's for sure.
L is for Love, which is more than it seems. It's a big mystery that exceeds all dreams.
And L is for Listen, be quiet and pray, so that you'll understand what God has to say.

Amid the innumerable stars....at that time the earth was a formless wasteland, and the spirit of the Most High brooded over the waters..
We like the sea as much as we like volcanos and stars so--it'll do for now.
In the ancient history of the Valanga, we wanted peace and prosperity. we dreamed of powerful princes and Paladins as we were persecuted.
We searched for protection for our property and persons.
The Puma told tales of the
Padrino, who told tales of an even more powerful Paladin,
Padre Pio who by prayer had protected his patria, the popolo di Pietrelcina.
Someone told us that Pasolini said, "persecute me if you will but I won't shut up, I'll publish all the persecution!
And from there we became attached to Pope Paco, the peasant pilgrim.
He got his office from Pietro, the first Papa, who was a pescatore but Jesus told him, "Da allora in Poi, tu peschera' persone!!"
Then we heard about Pier Giorgio Frassati, and the pugnacious Prussian, PANZRAM concluded our search, because we had already progressed past the Ps to the Ls. LOLOLOL.
But wait! Before we get to the Ls, we have to consider the Magnificent Musical Medicine of Mondiale Mercy!
This MAY be an a MAYzing MARvel (and we are not referring to captain marvel but if you want to, go ahead and peep that pelicula JAJAJAJ
Finally, the story of the Ls comes Last! You have to go ahead on to the Musical U to get that part and since we are still listening, that's about all we have to say right now. MUCH LOVE TO ALL THE LIVINGTHIS PAGE WAS CREATED ON SATURDAY JULY 6 2019 URIEL UNIVERSITY


What is a parakletos? Where does this idea come from? How does it relate to the mission?
Take a look at the discussion below: call it what you may but those individuals are not illiterate Galilean fishermen.
They clearly have been to "school", whatever that actually means.

PHENOMENOLOGY: The SKANDALON SKOOLZ programs, which were the original outreach of the Valanga di Vita, are based on a philosophy called Phenomenology.
This is the study of lived phenomena and is opposed to ideology which imposes an outside will upon that reality.
This can take the form of sexual violence, political violence, social violence, or any other kind of cruelty which one human being, a group of people or an entire system of society perpetrates upon some other persons or people or phenomena.
(for more on how we may influence reality without force, read "Saving the Appearances" by Owen Barfield who was a friend of JRR Tolkien.
We might call phenomenology a "Live and Let Live" philosophy.
THE SCANDAL OF THE TRUTH. Pope John Paul II wrote a famous letter called the Splendor of the Truth, or VERITATIS SPLENDOR. However, there is another aspect to the truth. it is often scandalous, as Paul of Tarsus said, "The wisdom of the cross is stupidity to Greeks --who looked upon it as illogical-- Scandalous to Jews--who looked upon it as heretical.
Sometimes when reality is hard to engage with because it is painful,frightening, traumatic, shocking or atrocious, we practice ideology without realizing it: we impose our version of reality upon the facts.
We often reject the prophets who are practicing phenomenology, and even eliminate them from our society.
THE CONSOLER. The parakletos is a consoler, an advocate who will comfort us and make it possible for us to engage with difficult realities.
Having said that, we do advise that some of the events that inspired the Valanga di Vita and our "skandalon Skoolz" happiness program are probably not suitable for raw unfiltered public discussion.
Experience shows that this approach causes problems.
One question that we will examine here is: what are the motives that cause us to reject reality?
Another question is: if we do accept reality who will we tell of our experiences?